Ruck-a-Chucky Bridge T.Y. Lin International, Hanson Engineers, and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM)

Unbuilt project, 1979

The bridge was designed to span the Ameri­can River in California, about 10 miles upstream from a planned dam. The challenge was to connect roads running parallel to the steep valley walls without requiring the extensive and costly re-grading required for a straight bridge, and a curved span with customary vertical supports was ruled out by the 450-foot depth of the anticipated reservoir. Hence the “hanging arc” concept for the bridge, with a curved concrete deck supported by 80 post-tensioned cables anchored in the slopes of the gorge.” [via]


Elvaston Place by Webb Yates Engineers

Inspired by ‘Staircase III’ by Do-Ho Suh, a recent installation at Tate Modern.


Prada Tokyo
Herzog and de Meuron



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March 24, 2014 – Traditional, Yet Modern Greenwich Village Co-op

200 Mercer Street, Apt. 2E
Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York
$3,675,000 | 1 Bedroom | 2.5 Bathrooms | Approx. 2,246 sq. ft.

Finally; a perfect solution for utilizing the cubic feet in a “traditional loft” with 13’ ceilings … sliding doors used to create private areas when needed and strategically placed vertical storage seamlessly blended with the continuous open space. Make a grand entrance and gaze all the way thru to the living room and out the windows at the other end…

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Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects

Bedrooms are sheltered below ground, while the living room, dining room and kitchen are on the ground floor.